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Company Profile - aastha biocare pvt ltd

Aastha Biocare Pvt Ltd is engaged in research, breeding, production, processing, and marketing of all types of Hybrids vegetable seeds and also in field crops. The Company headquarter is based at Jalna which is known as Seed Capital of India. At Aastha the synergy of highly experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated Plant Breeders, Research Scientists and the team of marketing professionals prevails which understand and caters the need of farming communities.
The Company also deals in formulation of various plants hormones based on rare herbal extracts with unique combination of various organic molecules which are free from all toxicity or residues and is purely eco-friendly. Our strategic vision is to generate the competitive advantage relative to our competitors.
Aastha focus in developing and selling only those quality products or services that our valued farmers not only desire, but are willing to invest. Thus we are bound for creating set of benefits for the end customer that delivers value through our products or services. Our efforts are for ensuring the qualitative products and services at the most competitive value for all those who are related with us thus ensuring prosperity to end user apart from our business associates.
We focuses on creating demand for various products among growers, dealers by conducting trials to determine product potential and selling the value of products to end-users thus building up a close relationships with growers, distributors and our retailers. In this endeavor we understands that in agri sector to be a successful we should understand the adaptability and cultural norms of local growing areas and without which most of our initiative will be in vein. We believe in planning globally but implementing locally.
We at Aastha understands the foremost importance of Product but simultaneously we also give due emphasis to Price, Performance, Profitability and Prosperity of one and all. Thus truly revealing our logo statement “Universal Prosperity”.
It will be our pleasure to get associated with esteemed organizations with our firm commitment to have mutual, consistent and cordial business association for ensuring “Universal Prosperity” of our business associates.


DSIR-Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India
Listed as Top 10 Seed Companies in India
Certified ISO 9001-2015 Company
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