Hybrid Seeds Producer Company in India

Research division

Seed Division

The quality of seed is major component for augmenting crop production. At Aastha research inputs are incorporated with its business development and coordination team to develop right type of products with a team of scientists, Breeders and research technicians.

Majority of public breeds of Paddy, Groundnut, Onion and all other vegetables are produced from authentic breeder seed collected through various research institutions. Stringent quality control measures are adopted to achieve the targets. We believe in zero defect production and in serving farming community. We aim at giving them greater planting value and greater satisfaction. Research products of Aastha BioCare are the outcome of joint efforts of Breeders, Plant Pathologist, Entomologist, Biochemist, Agronomist and Biotechnologists.

Plant Hormones :-

There is a great change in the present trend of cultivation with the use of Plant Growth Regulators. Every crop needs these PGRs at different stages for its overall development. They enhance the productivity of crop species as well as increase the nutritional values in organic cultivation. The technical strength of the company has developed different formulated PGR based products.

We are continuously striving for better improvement in the existing product range and also developing the new products considering the present need of the farmer community

Joint Venture with ICRISAT :

The Company has Joint Venture R&D activities with International Organization ICRISAT under “ICRISAT-Private Sector Groundnut and Chickpea Varietal Development Research Consortium” for breeding and developing the new cultivars in Groundnut Crop by adopting new technical tools with different type of genetic variability suitable for Indian agroclimatic conditions.
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