Hybrid Seeds Producer Company in India

Hybrid Okra (Ablemoschus Esculentus)


  • Attractive and shiny green fruit.
  • Slender and tender.
  • Plant height – 150-180 cms.
  • Short internodal distance.
  • First picking- 45-50 days.
  • Moderately resistance to YVM and Red mites.


  • Vigorous erect hybrid, short internodes 
  • 45-50 days required for first harvesting after sowing. 
  • Fruit is 12 to 14 cm long and diameter 1.5 to 1.8 cm. 
  • Fruit Weight: 13g to 15 g. 
  • Fruit Color: Shiny green attractive fruits with good shelf life.   
  • High yielding and daily picking recommended for heavy soils. 
  • Best Tolerance Leaf curl virus & YVMV.
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